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Ed Foote

Ed Foote is considered by many to be one of the foremost authorities on the activity of Modern Western Style Square Dancing. He began his calling career in 1965 and calls all square dance programs thru Challenge.

Ed is a member of Callerlab, former member of the Callerlab Board of Govenors, and accredited Caller Coach.

Ed is a former member of the Pittsburgh Area Callers Association and was one of the first to join PACCA when it was reformed in 2010. Ed has supported PACCA by providing callers coaching clinics and educational seminars for it’s members year after year.

Ed has so many credits to his name in the Square Dance Community that a complete listing here would not be possible. He is seen by many as the “Callers Caller” and has been known to provide dancers with some of the most dynamic and entertaining choreography in the world.

Ed is a full time International Caller who makes his home in the Pittsburgh area when he is not traveling. When in town, he can be seen calling for his home club North Hills Squares, PACCA special events, or guest calling around the Greater Pittsburgh area.

PACCA is very proud to have Ed Foote as an active and contributing member and looks forward to his continued support at our future events. Below you will find a short list of Ed’s credits as well as a link to his website and contact information.

Three home square dance clubs

Full-time traveling - U.S. , Europe, Asia

Festivals Leadership Seminars

CALLERLAB member & Accredited Caller Coach

Caller Seminars, Clinics & Schools

BMI & ASCAP licensed

Staff writer for 2 square dance magazines

Author & Editor of square dance instructional books

Producer of Audio & Video teaching tapes & CD's

Contact Ed at:

Ed Foote
140 McCandless Place
Wexford, Pennsylvania


Ed Foote Calling

Visit Ed’s Website