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Blaine Knupp

Blaine Knupp started square dancing in 2006 when he attended lessons with Iron City Squares in Pittsburgh PA. Although a product of square dancing parents who gave up the activity shortly after he was born, Blaine's interest in the activity did not begin until later in his life.

Almost a year after Blaine started dancing, the club caller for Iron City Squares announced that he would be moving out of town later that year. He said "The Club needs a new caller Blaine…., and you're it!"  Blaine agreed to give calling a try, He began working with the club caller and attended his first caller school before the club caller moved.

Blaine has been the club caller for Iron City Squares since the summer of 2007.  Blaine has attended a number of caller schools over the years, working with caller coaches such as Anne Uebelacker, Deborah Carroll-Jones, John Marshall, Betsy Gotta, Saundra Bryant, and Barry Clasper.

A member of CALLERLAB, Blaine calls the Beginner through Plus Programs with a particular interest in Dance By Definition (DBD) and All-Position Dancing. Blaine dances regularly with the Thunderbolts Advanced Square Dance Club in Blairsville, PA, and recently retired after 35 years as a librarian on the faculty of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Blaine is currently accepting bookings throughout the area, and can be reached at:

Blaine Knupp

6 Miller Dr.

Blairsville, PA 15717

(724)464-4325  or