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Gold Rush Square Dance Productions 2015

Scott began square dancing while in High School at age 16. After graduation in 1984 Scott joined the Pittsburgh Area Callers Association and began learning to call. In 1986 he attended his first National Convention in Indianapolis. Scott soon went on to learn Rounds, Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Clogging, and Country Western dancing.

While attending California University Of Pennsylvania, Scott met his first wife and competition dance partner, who became the mother of his only son Shawn Brown.

After graduating university in 1996 with a degree in Science, Scott returned to calling square dances and founded Gold Rush Square Dance Productions in 1997. While working as a Chemist in the Pittsburgh area, he began producing Square Dance music with the help of a good friend and fellow caller Ed Mitchell, who has since retired. Scott continues working as a local Entertainer, Musician, DJ, and Square Dance Caller to this day.

In 2007, while working with Bud Merrihew to develop a new round dance format, Scott began producing Square and Round Dance Music in multimedia Karaoke formats for Callers and Cuers around the world.

In 2014, Scott and his partners Shawn Brown and Lisa Minton, launched the Modern Pattern Dance Project and founded the Gold Rush Outlaws Modern Pattern Dance Group. This was followed later that year by the Western Wranglers. This project has opened MWSD to New Dancers year round by revolutionizing the way the activity is taught. Scott also calls for Dip N Dives in Stuebenville, OH.

Scott now calls full time and continues to produce music with the help of his 19 year old son and caller Shawn Brown. Scott and Shawn can usually be seen calling together during the summer months at the West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and National Square and Round Dance conventions.

Scott is a Past President and founder of the Pittsburgh Area Callers and Cuers Association and Callerlab member. Scott calls beginner through A2, Progressive Squares, Hexagon, and Cues Rounds. Scott is the founder of The Modern Pattern Dance Program.

To Contact Scott: 412-583-8749


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